Freelance Writing Jobs I have

March 21, 2011

Once I began to take my writing seriously, as a way to make extra money for my household, I began looking for good places for a beginner writer to start their career. I looked for work at home forums such as Simply go to that site and register, then join in the telecommute or wahms that write forum.

When I first started, I simply did a google search for the keywords write for hire. You will find several websites listed. I haven’t tried the bidding sites just yet, I am waiting until I feel a bit more comfortable with my writing skills before moving forward with that idea.

It will help if you can find a mentor to guide you along the way. Look for someone who has been writing for several years and knows the ropes. I was lucky enough to find Joy. She has unselfishly giving me her time and knowledge and will help me start my career. Having someone like that will helps you in ways you can’t imagine right now.

I do write for a few content mills because it’s money and it keeps me busy until I’m ready to do more. I work for text broker, London brokers (only sometimes because pay is so low), The Content Authority, and emerging cast.

I have discovered my love for blogging now, so I’m on the look out for good blogging jobs lately.

Over the next month I will be giving you great info about how to get started in freelance writing. I am learning as I go through my journey and so will you.